Women make up more than half of the U.S. core wine consumers, yet it is difficult to find and access wine education designed with us in mind.

Vino Mom provides fully customized private classes/tastings where women can learn essential wine topics in order to make better choices. No question is too obvious, no name too hard to pronounce (unless it's a German wine!) , and no wine is too sophisticated!


From the vineyard to your glass

Learn about the basic steps of winegrowing and winemaking

Tapas Dinner, featuring _bodegaslustau #

Virtual Classes/Tastings

Explore wine from the safety of your home


Rebeca Pinhas, CSW, CSWS

Drinking wine is a thing of beauty.
Learning about it is a source of inspiration

After years of mediocre wine drinking, I was suddenly done with my lack of understanding about this semi-occult, seemingly snobby world of vino. Inspired by a female relative who's been in the trade longer than I've been alive, I began discovering the vast amount of information to be digested and the endless bottles to be sipped on. It quickly became an obsession as wine really is the gift that keeps on giving: it exists within a cycle of constant creation and evolution. I am fascinated by the fact that I'll never catch up as there is no end in sight to reach when it comes to wine.  

I created Vino Mom because I am passionate about sharing how even the most basic understanding of the wine cycle not only completely changed what and how I drink, but also gave me a renewed appreciation for food and other beverages like coffee, tea, sake, and even water.

Wine learning also reminded me that it's never too late to start something new, and that when you are passionate about something, time becomes nothing but a simple measurement. 




New Orleans, LA


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