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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

"I found the bottle you were looking for, but it's expensive!"- said the guy who offered to help this damsel in distress. I looked at the price tag to find a whooping $25 written on it. Don't get me wrong, such is not a disposable amount, but why did he think he could decide what constitutes expensive for me? Furthermore, why did he feel I couldn't know enough about this particular bottle of Marsanne/Rousanne to have an idea of what price range to expect?

The wine world -like many others- is male dominated and centered. While this is changing thanks to the pioneering work of female winegrowers, winemakers, sommeliers, and wine market professionals, such stigma was one of my main reasons to create Vino Mom. I wanted to offer a mansplaining-free environment where women are able to drink and enjoy wine while learning about it beyond cheesy California Chardonnays and the endless marketing push for cheap rosé just because of its color. (Disclaimer: I do love pink, but that has zero influence on my wine choices!)

So, on the day when we celebrate those who fought for our rights as women, keep in my mind that even decisions as simple as what we are able to drink did not come easily! Maybe dude meant no harm and was only looking out for my finances, but I'm sure he wouldn't have guessed I like Malbec and steak, too.

Happy International Women's Day, y'all!

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